This empowering Instagrammer just stood up for all the stay-at-home moms out there

Australian blogger Constance Hall has repeatedly inspired us with her empowering attitude. In January, she discussed the unfortunate issue that is post-baby body judgement. In March, Constance recreated Kim Kardashian’s nude selfie to prove that the term “sexy” doesn’t refer to only one type of body. Then, Hall once again took the opportunity to talk about post-baby bodies in April, mentioning that not losing weight after giving birth doesn’t mean new moms are “letting go.”

Now, Constance is tackling a different topic in the name of empowerment: stay-at-home moms.

Yesterday, on Instagram, Hall described what happened after the owner of a café defined her solely as a stay-at-home mom because she does not have a job. In response, Constance stated, “[W]ell I don’t stay at home and mum all day either. What do you do?

The man answered by explaining that he owns a café, to which Constance retorted that this must make him a café-owning dad. After hearing this, the man was confused, causing Constance to assert, “Well if parenthood hasn’t stolen your identity, why should it steal mine?” Hall added that she makes important contributions to her family and to her community. Just one example is that she teaches her children and their friends to creatively express themselves through painting. 

Once he heard this, the café owner asked Constance what she’d like him to call her, if she’s not a stay-at-home mom.

Constance’s on-point response: “Queen will do.”

With this conversation in mind, it’s important to note that women shouldn’t only be defined by their ability to have and raise children. Yes, staying at home to raise a child is just as important as any other job out there and is nothing to be ashamed of, but that doesn’t mean one should feel pigeonholed by the label “stay-at-home mom.”

In the end, we are all – moms included – more than the labels others assign to us.

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