10 empowering Instagram accounts you should follow on this International Day of the Girl

Today is International Day of the Girl, and we’re OBVIOUSLY all about it. One of the best things you can do as an in-control, independent, empowered woman is to help empower other women, so we’ve compiled a list of our favorite feminist Instagram accounts that help to accomplish this goal.

If you’re looking for a spark of inspiration, a bit of commiseration from your sisters, or just a little kick to keep you going down the path of girl power righteousness, we definitely recommend adding these accounts to your Instagram feed.

This @educationinfeminism account, which shares super relevant and educational art, memes, and posters.

This account keeps the riot grrrl movement alive and well on our Insta feeds.

This super inspiring Instagram shares pictures of feminist graffiti around the world.

This amazing Insta focuses on women in comics and intersectional feminism, our two favorite things.

This @WoCVoices Instagram seeks to amplify the narratives of women of color and it seriously enriches our lives.

This feminist artist’s Instagram shares drawings of women who will not put up with sexist crap.

This Sydney-based artist shares “art about feminism, mental health, and fragments of [her] inner monologue” and is basically all of us.

This @feministastic account posts all our favorite memes and comics. Plus, it’s all about intersectionalism.


This feminist news aggregator tells us what’s happening in the world of social justice – daily.

And this super relatable account illustrates the problems women face in society every day.


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