We really need to talk about this ‘The Emperor’s New Groove’ fan theory because it’s crazy

You thought that The Emperor’s New Groove was an animated movie that follows Emperor Kuzco on his llama-filled adventures, right? Well, we’re sorry to have to tell you this, but… it’s actually a tale about… MURDER.

Reddit user lish_94 has come up with a fan theory that makes us reevaluate everything we’ve ever thought about this movie. Then again, it is a Disney movie and Walt Disney Pictures has been known to be a bit dark. I mean, just think of all the gruesome deaths, the villains, and the motherless protagonists that they’ve created. It only makes sense that The Emperor’s New Groove is more morbid than we thought.

We’d like to take you back to the scene (scene of the crime?) where Llama Kuzco ends up in that terrifying forest. Immediately, he spots a fly who’s caught in a spider’s web and is about to be eaten alive. Before he leaves this world, the fly screams, “Help me! Help me!” (Make sure to remember this because it is the key that unlocks this particular fan theory.)

In The Emperor’s New Groove, the only animals that can speak are the ones who were once human. We repeat: animals can only talk if they were once Homo sapiens. For instance, Kuzco can talk to his buddy Pacha, but he can’t talk to other llamas. And remember when Yzma gets turned into an unexpectedly adorable, purple cat? The same thing happens! If you remember correctly, Yzma’s sidekick Kronk can speak to squirrels, but only because he knows how to speak their squeek-filled language.

If he attempted to talk to them in plain English, it wouldn’t work because they are animals, through and through. (Or so we thought… At this point, who really knows what’s real and what isn’t?) Based on lish_94’s observation and subsequent analysis, this is the conclusion: the talking fly was once a human being. WHAT? Yes.

We see the fly get eaten by a spider. Therefore, what we are actually seeing is a human being murdered. Now we have SO MANY questions: Who is this person? Why were they turned into a fly? Were they meant to be a fly on the wall? Also — was the spider also a human who got turned into a spider, making this theory even more twisted? In Emperor Kuzco’s words: “Okayyyy, that was the freakiest thing I’ve ever seen.” Redditors also have their own theories:Comment from discussion Overlooked murder in The Emperor’s New Groove?. Comment from discussion Overlooked murder in The Emperor’s New Groove?. Comment from discussion Overlooked murder in The Emperor’s New Groove?.

Not totally convinced? Here’s the scene from the movie:

And if you think this is just as fascinating as we do, just know that this isn’t the only crazy fan theory that’s out there. Last month, a really smart observation was made about Beauty and the Beast, and then there was that Draco Malfoy Werewolf theory that blew everyone’s minds because it just made SO MUCH SENSE. And of course, this super-super dark Snow White theory made us wonder if we could ever watch Disney in the same way again.

Oh fan theories, keep ’em coming!

(Image via Disney)

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