These are all the emotions you feel when you desperately want a pet but can’t have one

If your heart practically jumps out of your chest when you see the furry friend of your dreams stroll by you at the park, or if you spend inordinate amounts of time online watching animal videos or cruising through adoption listings, then you know how heartbreaking it can be to want a pet — but not be able to have one.

Curse the many boundaries that keep some of us from living this dream! And there are several: From apartments that don’t allow animals, to not having enough time to adequately care for a pet, to not being able to afford one, and much more.

While you wait until the glorious day when you conquer these obstacles and ARE UNITED WITH YOUR BLISSFUL SOULMATEer, I mean, pet — let’s talk about all the emotions you feel when you desperately want a pet but can’t have one.



Following your type of animal (or animals) of choice on social media becomes a hobby, nay a lifestyle choice. When you see one in person, you must get closer. You may even follow the magnificent creature, take a picture of it (incognito or not), or ask its person for permission to pose with their little friend for a selfie.

You then show this picture to everyone you know/make it your profile pic/frame it and put it on your desk. You might also scour Craigslist or other listings to see what animals are available. You’ll want to call about them SO BAD — but you don’t. And even though you know that now is not the time for you to have a pet, you can’t stop yourself from looking. You may even take this to another level by buying clothes, toys, a bed or other items for your future friend — you do you! All of this is preparation for the day your heart becomes whole and your dreams of getting a pet come true.


In the meantime, you may find yourself attending events where creatures roam free, frolic and overall get down with their wonderful selves — such as a Corgi Beach Day. Going to any activity like this, just for the sake of it, is exciting AF and you will spend hours, days, weeks, or months looking forward to it. And this, you tell yourself, is nothing compared to the excitement you’ll feel when the obstacles are out of your way and you can have your own pet (and then possibly take it to said events).



But then, any time you run into a precious animal you’d like to be your own, it is followed by the moment when you have to say goodbye. You watch your four-legged love waddle away, and long for your own pet to love and to cherish. Tears may or may not be shed, ice cream may or may not be eaten by the carton, and you may or may not go back to manically searching adoption listings — only to have to remind yourself for another agonizing time that you can’t get a pet.


In the midst of these feelings, a friend of yours gets a pet. You are happy for them and for yourself — since you get to hang out with this special bundle of joy — but you are also a bit (or incredibly!) jealous.


WHY IS LIFE SO UNFAIR??????? Why, when all you want to do is shower an amazing animal with unconditional love and devotion, can you not do so? WHY?!


Once you allow yourself to feel — and then release the feelings of despair and anger from not being able to have a pet — you remind yourself that this dark time will not last forever. One day, you’ll move into a pet-friendly residence, have more time or money, or change whatever other circumstances so you can live your dream of being the proud servant of your animal of choice.

Until then, you will do whatever you can to fill the void — volunteering at an animal shelter, dog walking, pet sitting, Instagram stalking, whatever. You know the rollercoaster of emotions that comes when you so badly wish you could have a pet of your own. Once you actually can, you will appreciate your special creature all the more.

Until that time, you get a plant.

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