Emojis with curly hair, it’s happening people

Emojis have come a long way when it comes to representation. But there’s long been a glaring omission when it comes to the mini-faces we send to friends every single day: Curly hair. Luckily, Dove has stepped in to fix this oversight, with their new Dove Love Your Curls Emoji keyboard.

The new set of emojis offer blond, brunette, and redhead curly styles, with a variety of skin tones and situations represented. Everything from a short bob to long, loose waves are included too.

The emojis are part of Dove’s Love Your Curls campaign, which includes an e-book, videos, and new products designed to help you keep your curls healthy. But let’s be real, including emojis is a totally genius move! Who doesn’t want to see themselves, luscious curls and all, when they send a text?

You can download the new keyboard for free here!

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[Image via Dove]

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