You can now use emojis to search Twitter

The social media game has once again been elevated thanks to Twitter. Now you can be up to speed with the news AND use emojis to search Twitter! Emojipedia, the number one resource for everything emoji-related, confirmed the news to Teen Vogue. According to them, all you have to do it plug in the emoji you are looking for in the platform’s search bar and BAM. Results!

This function wasn’t available before, but the internet gods listened and delivered big. Whenever you want to look up a funny tweet someone wrote, you won’t have to get creative. Just type in the emoji you remembered cracking you up and you are all set. Let the celebration begin!

Everyone is happy!

Despite being a great tool, Twitter was lagging behind other social media. Luckily, this new function will be more millennial friendly and an awesome addition to the app’s interface.

"It's great to see Twitter now supporting emoji search! In the past, emojis couldn't be searched which meant any emoji filled tweets could be nearly impossible to find again!" Emojipedia said.

In addition to helping track down specific tweets, this new tool will help with getting your points across faster. Since you only have 140 characters to work with, the ability to maximize your options with emojis is priceless. And you don’t have to pay with the inability of having people find you through searching. A win-win situation!

An example of how this will work…

If you want to see how many Twitter users have tweeted something with the grimacing face — aka the best emoji — all you have to do is copy and paste it into the search bar. The results will rain down on you.


You’ll also get to see users that have used that emoji in their names. Basically, there are no limits of how you can use emojis to search Twitter these days. So get to tweeting!

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