Every woman needs these new emojis in her life, STAT

Today in gender equality news: emojis! In an official statement on their blog, Google has announced they plan to release over 100 emojis of professional women, and we are thrilled. This has been a long time coming. As Google admitted, the discrepancy between professional emojis of women and men are a disgrace. After all, when you go to find an emoji of a professional man, you have:

After all, when you go to find an emoji of a professional man, you have:


But when you look for professional women emojis:


Clearly, something was wrong. As Google says:

And they’ve finally come through! In May, Google proposed a new set of emoji to the Unicode Technical Committee. These emojis were meant to represent a wider range or professions for both women and men, along with reflecting “the pivotal roles that women play in the world.”

Today, the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee has agreed to add 11 new professional emoji, in both male and female options and with all the skin tone options available. Yes! As Google is quick to point out, that’s more than 100 new emoji to choose from.


Plus, Unicode is also adding male and female versions to 33 existing professional emoji. For example, you’ll be able to pick both a female police officer emoji and a male police officer emoji, or a man or woman getting a haircut. This is fantastic news!

According to Google,

We applaud Google’s innovative technology and gender outlook, and cannot wait to see what they do next to promote gender equality. Until then, we’ll be enjoying our kick ass new emojis. (I’m particularly a fan of the teacher emoji, though the rocker is pretty cool, too.)

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