These three emojis will destroy your chances at meeting someone on a dating app

Online dating can be confusing AF. Like, which picture should you include as your main photo? How do you sum up yourself in a sentence? How do you get someone to swipe right? To help alleviate some of the stress, we’ve now learned which emoji have the highest success rate — and which ones have the lowest.

The dating app Plenty of Fish recently conducted its second annual Conversation Nation survey of 2,000 U.S. singles and reeled in some interesting data.

According to their findings, the eggplant, peach, and fire emojis are the three emojis least likely to garner a response from a potential match. Which makes total sense. We allllll know what they really mean in terms of dating, right? And as much as we like a good eggplant, peach, and some fire mixed together when it comes to our love life, we don’t necessarily want to be greeted with that right off the bat. Let’s at least meet for a coffee before we catch a glimpse of your…eggplant.

Judging by emojis alone, less aggression and more affection seems to be what most singles want. The top three emojis that most singles prefer include the wink smiley face, the kiss face, and the heart eyes smiley face. By all accounts, these emojis are way more flirty and approachable than, say, a giant peach (*ahem* booty) greeting you.

Another surprising fact? More than one-third of respondents said they would choose bad sex for the rest of their lives (!) over dating a Trump supporter. Sad but true, #amiright?

The survey also found that over half of daters (58%) are turned off more by bad grammar than bad sex. Which means that, when in doubt, you’re better off having your dating profile spell-checked and proofed by a professional. Because apparently a questionable comma is less forgivable than your actual eggplant. Unless, of course, it belongs to a Trump supporter. Then that’s a definite swipe left, delete, delete, delete.

Happy fishing!

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