Your emoji skills could make you rich — here’s how

Emojis have pretty much become their own language at this point. With a string of weird little faces, hand symbols and various other miniature icons, you can more or less say anything you want while never uttering a word. And now, for those truly fluent in emoji, those skills can earn you some cash, too!

Production company Studio Lambert, which brought us Undercover Boss, is currently pitching a new primetime game show called The Great Emoji Challenge, according to Deadline. Although it hasn’t been picked up yet, we could definitely see this show coming to our TV screens sooner rather than later, what with the hype about emojis showing no signs of slowing down. I mean, there’s an emoji movie in the works. So, why not a game show?

The premise of The Great Emoji Challenge, which is simple at this point but could be changed down the line, is that contestants are shown a bunch of emojis and have to decode them. The winner receives $1 million. That’s it. That’s the show.

Time to start brushing up on the many contextual meanings of those praying/ high-five hands, the lady painting her nails, and the laughing-until-you-cry emoji! The time could pay off with a $1 million check!

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