This emoji quiz is giving the Internet a major headache

While the Tube workers strike in London has caused major confusion and chaos for millions of commuters over the last 48 hours, a quiz about the city’s Underground train stations has been stirring up quite a commotion for those of us who live in the Internet. On Mumsnet, a user named TheTravellingLemon blew everyone’s minds by posting a chart of emojis with the caption, “These are all London stations and I am really stuck on one in particular (12). Please take pity on me because I’ve even tried to cheat Google the answers and nothing!”

The concept is easy enough to understand: put the emoji clues together to get the name of one of the cities dozens of Tube stops. For instance, seven girls in a row equals Seven Sisters. The shower and a toiler? Waterloo, of course. An elephant plus a castle? You guessed it! Elephant and Castle.

But number 12 is more cryptic than one of Professor Trelawney’s prophecies. The emoji clues are a clock, a bus, and a Canadian flag. Huh? As far as we know, there is no Time Travel Hockey Tube station. (Although that sounds pretty awesome.)

Problem-solvers from all corners of the Internet tried to connect the dots of this adorable yet vicious quiz, but virtually all were baffled.

After over 700 people discussed the possibilities on Mumsnet, Reddit got involved and the emoji mystery went viral. Number 12 became a sort of legend, and some Twitter users were taking the uncertainty really hard.

Although, others turned to creativity in the face of bewilderment, and the results are amazing. Case in point:

The creator of the emoji quiz has yet to come forward and relieve the entire Internet of this mind-boggling puzzle. Folks over at the British newspaper The Telegraph believe that the entire quiz, down to every last rooster emoji, is an elaborate troll trick. According to a poll on their website, more than 60% of their readers feel the same way.

Troll or not, we want answers. Here’s a map of the London Underground. Do you see clock, bus, Canadian flag anywhere? At this point, if you figure it out … there’s a good chance you’ll get knighted.

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