Summer doesn’t officially begin until you have a poop emoji pool float to sunbathe on

Maybe you can’t bring your phone into the pool (unless you have a fancy waterproof case, that is), but that doesn’t mean you can’t ~express yourself~ with your fave emojis. That’s right: You can lounge happily in the pool this July on a massive poop emoji float.

Thrice Brand offers big, cozy pool floats in the image of some of the most popular emojis of our time. Each float is from five to seven feet long, with a three-way valve and a matte finish. You can use your pool float to show that you are, indeed, straight up fire:


Naturally, you can relax on the poop emoji, because obviously:


And you can ride on the eggplant emoji (just prepare for your friends to make lots of sex jokes).


“I created these giant Emoji Pool Floats because swan and donut floats are so 2015, and is it really summer if there’s no new pool float to Instagram yourself on? I think not,” Nate Schmiedehaus, creator of the fabulous floats, wrote on Product Hunt.

You can buy one of six different models on the Thrice Brand site for $40 – $50 a pop. Honestly, we have a feeling these will *totally* up our Snapchat game. Summer 2016, here we come. . . in poop-emoji style.

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