The trailer for the “Emoji Movie” is here, and in case you were wondering, yes, emojis fall in love

Ever wonder what the emojis in your phone are up to when they aren’t being used? Did we hear a “yes”? Well, you’re in luck, as the answer is close by. The Emoji Movie just came out with a trailer giving insight into the complex world of emojis. Let’s jump behind the scenes and see what’s going on!

The Emoji Movie is coming to theaters this summer, and in a new trailer we find out more about the emojis that help us express all kinds of emotions daily. First of all, did you know that emojis have to keep the same expression on their faces at all times?! It makes total sense when you think about it but wow, such dedication to their craft.


And we all know the importance of sending the correct emoji. If you send the wrong one, everything could totally be screwed up. So if emojis mess up, they’re sent to a dark place of unused emojis as punishment. Who has ever uses that broom emoji, btw?!


Meanwhile, it looks like the “meh” emoji goes on a quest to discover who he really is — and he even might find love. Awwww.


Watch the full trailer of adorable emoji emotions here:

The Emoji Movie features the voices of T.J. Miller, James Corden, Anna Faris, and Patrick Stewart, and will be in theaters July 28th, so prepare your phones and hearts for the love story of the century. And maybe start familiarizing yourself with lesser-known emojis so they feel a little but more appreciated.