This emoji makeup tutorial is all the Halloween inspo you need

If you’re less interested in wearing a scary Halloween costume and more into using the holiday as an opportunity to make a statement about modern life, you will love this emoji makeup tutorial. YouTuber and special effects artist extraordinaire, MadeYewLook, a.k.a. 22-year-old Lex Fleming​, created an awesome five minute video showing how to turn your very own face into your favorite emojis – yes, including the Internet’s favorite crying-while-laughing one.

This may be the easiest Halloween look ever. All you need is yellow face paint, orange eyeshadow, and a few shades of eyeliners. Lex uses white, blue, and brown. Plus, there’s no need to buy a fancy outfit, because this costume is all about what’s above the neck. You can probably just pair this makeup look with some lounging pants and slippers – that’s what I always imagine emojis are wearing behind our screens.

Here are a few of the little yellow guys that Lex recreated on her face. She starts out by painting a face-sized yellow circle, which can serve as the base for pretty much any emoji you want to channel. With orange eyeshadow, she traces around the edge of the circle for shading. On the inside, she adds white shines to add a 3-D effect.

Now for the facial expressions! Use red lip liner to give yourself heart eyes.

Draw half-circles above and below your eyes to make regular open emoji eyes. Then, let your mouth do the rest.

Scrunch up one side of your face and do a kissy-face emoji …

… Or a “I don’t believe a word you’re saying” side-eye emoji.

The possibilities are endless.

Watch Lex’s full video on YouTube. If you want even more Halloween-meets-Internet inspiration, she also has an incredible video where she transforms herself into real-life Snapchat filters. Seriously, these tutorials are so awesome, I could rainbow barf.


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