How to dress up as your favorite emoji on Halloween

So far, your Halloween costume isn’t going as planned. You can’t seem to justify being short on November rent to buy a costume–no matter how much the sales associate has tried to convince you that your Maleficent outfit could “totally double as formal wear.”

Suddenly you feel like Cinderella, home alone before the ball. Where’s a fairy godmother when you need one? Well, here’s an idea that’s topical, creative, and also friendly on the wallet: emojis. After all, what do you do in real life when you can’t find the words? You select an emoji! Here’s how you can make your emoji dreams come to life.

1. Salsa girl

Wanna dance the night away? Or better yet, is red really your color? Well, be a salsa girl. All you need is a red dress, red heels, and some moves, and you’re good to go. Not to mention, you can rock that dress for other fancy occasions. Just make sure you hold that classic pose in all photo ops.

2. Dancing besties 

Do you have a bestie? Like an attached-at-the-hip BFF? Are you guys looking for the perfect bestie costume, but finding Dr. Seuss’ Thing 1 and Thing 2  a little trite in 2014? Well, look no further. The Dancing Girls emoji is super easy to replicate. And you probably have most of it in your closet. Just add black shorts, a black top, and black flats, with a cheap blonde wig and alien antennae, multiply it by two, and you and your BFF can dance the night away.

3. Cat in love

You can’t go wrong with cats. And nothing is sweeter than the cat-in-love emoji. (Sweet is the new sexy.) Not to mention, this costume involves only cat ears, heart-shaped glasses, and eye liner. Could this BE any simpler?

4. Emoji queen

You’re a queen and it’s about time everyone respected you the for the royal that you are.

5. This girl

I always interpreted this emoji as “hey girl,” or “fierce.” Apparently it’s an “information desk” girl? Which I’m pretty sure is not a thing that you would need to text on the regular. Regardless, this is a SUPER simple costume. All you need is a pink shirt and hair.

6. Sunglasses emoji

Perfect for the guy or gal in your life who refuses to dress up for Halloween. All he has to do is put on a pair of shades and smile occasionally.

8. Bath emoji

Oh, this isn’t a costume. This is just the reminder that you can skip out on all the Halloween noise and take a nice relaxing bath. Trust me, FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) sufferers, you’re not missing anything. Like most holidays, it’s the same every year.

Happy Halloween!

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