The best part of the Emmys was not actually on the Emmys

I am an Apple FAN, you guys. I get excited for new emojis, I always upgrade when the new iPhone model comes out, and I have been thoroughly enjoying my Apple Music trial with a serious consideration of paying for it when it runs out. Apple knows how to market to their people—and last night’s Emmys proved that times a million. We are all used to those holiday-run commercials that Apple puts out that make us inexpicably sob at the end. Apple knows how to tug (or yank violently) at our heart strings.

But last night was different. Before we even knew what was going on, Taraji P. Henson and Kerry Washington were strolling up to Mary J. freakin’ Blige’s house and everyone’s attention was on the television. What. Is. Happening!

If you missed the commercial, you are going to want to watch it about a million times. Ultimately, the ad is advertising Apple Music’s awesome “For You” feature, which creates instant mixtapes for all your many moods. Henson, Washington, and Blige dance along to Blackstreet, Busta Rhymes, Phil Collins, and Puff Daddy while singing the lyrics and celebrating life with one another.

Not to be entirely corny, but I personally don’t remember a commercial like this really in the history of commercials. Henson and Washington are certainly in the spotlight a lot these days for their roles on Empire and Scandal respectively, but seeing them in a natural element, dancing and singing along to iconic music, is something we can all relate to. It is really vital that Black women are shown in the same way white women typically are—in a way that we understand, love, and support.

As Viola Davis pointed out at the Emmys last night, Black women have never had quite the same number of opportunities as white women and watching a commercial like this reminds us that change IS possible if we all work toward it. Sisterhood is so, so important and I love seeing it on a national level.

Who knew a commercial could make us feel so much?

The commercial was directed by acclaimed Selma director Ava Duvernay (another incredible Black woman) and is one of THREE, all premiering this week.

The turn up is real, y’all.

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