Emmy Presenters Are Wearing Hazmat Tuxedo Suits, and These Videos Will Break Your Brain

Ramy Youssef showed the dark-but-hilarious side of what happens when you lose.

The 2020 Emmys is an odd one. There’s no in-person red carpet for celebs to walk, no one sitting in the audience while Jimmy Kimmel (who asked “Why would you have an awards show in the middle of a pandemic?” in his opening monologue) does his spiel, and, most unusual of all, people in tuxedo hazmat suits are handing out Emmys to tonight’s winners.

The dystopian-esque image—unidentifiable people suited head to toe in next-level PPE handing out gold trophies to A-listers in couture—is 2020 in a snapshot. Naturally, the internet is having a field day with these highly meme-able moments.

One fan of Schitts Creek—the show that is absolutely sweeping the awards show tonight—tweeted an image of Catherine O’Hara, aka Moira Rose, getting her first Emmy for acting. She called the bizarre sight “actually kind of amazing.”

Another fan made a gif of O’Hara co-star Eugene Levy accepting his Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in the popular show. The mixture of gracious and confused emotions on Levy’s face as he grabs his award from the suited person are just perfect.

The tweet that is making us absolutely lose it, though, is by Ramy Youssef, who was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series and Outstanding Directing For a Comedy Series for the show Ramy.

Youssef’s tweet reads when you lose the emmy.

Hilariously, and darkly, it features a video of a presenter in a hazmat suit holding an Emmy, waving through the glass door, and ultimately walking away

People are already saying it: Ramy’s video deserves an Emmy, and we couldn’t agree more.

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