Dreams come true, Emmy Rossum is getting equal pay (and maybe more!) for “Shameless”

Whoever said hard work and perseverance doesn’t pay off, well, they obviously didn’t know anyone by the name of Fiona Gallagher. If you have been following the news, it turns out that Emmy Rossum will be getting equal pay on Shameless after all, and it’s honestly a dream come true.

If you’re in need of a refresher course because you haven’t been on top of the Shameless goings on, look no further. The bottom line? Rossum, according to The Hollywood Reporter, was, “Not only is seeking salary parity with co-star William H. Macy, she is taking the position she should be paid more per episode than Macy makes after years of earning much less than her Emmy-nominated co-star.”

If that sounds like a tall order to you, it shouldn’t. As HelloGiggles previously declared, it’s entirely deserved, because as THR explains, Rossum’s character has carried this series on her petite back. And, on the bright side, it’s something that the powers that be have finally taken note of.

TVLine relays that despite the fact that the, “terms of Rossum’s new deal were not disclosed” they can confirm that the deal was “resolved.” To punctuate that fact, the actress tweeted that she’d be “back to work in May” with her “Shameless family.”


In addition to a major girl power victory, what else does this deal mean? Well, that Shameless can now be renewed for an eight season. Which only sweetens the pot.