Emmy Rossum is ringing in the new year like the princess she is

From what we know, Emmy Rossum had a pretty good year. She had a lot of success on Showtime’s seventh season of Shameless, and recently we were all on our feet cheering when Rossum demanded equal pay for Shameless‘s season 8. It’s a victory Emmy totally deserved. The show wouldn’t be the same without her, and she works just as hard as her costar William H. Macy.

But now that December’s almost over, Emmy’s kicking back in style.

This holiday, Rossum’s ringing in the New Year in New Zealand. She’s been posting a few pics in the last few days showing us all how much fun she and her fiancé are having in kiwi land. They’re fly fishing, climbing mountains, visiting beaches, and just generally enjoying themselves as they kiss 2016 goodbye. 

And, of course, celebrating New Year’s Eve in a tiara, because, well, she’s basically a real-life princess. Duh.

“Happy New Year from New Zealand aka the future!!!!” Emmy captioned the pic. Um, the pearls. The pink heart-shaped jewel. That tiara was made for you, Emmy. And you’ve got eyelashes for days. We’re just waiting for you to share her secret skin routine with us as well — we want that glow, please and thank you!

TBH, we’re totally jealous of all of her vacation pics.

From seeing gorgeous sites to staying in amazing places and going on incredible adventures, it seems like she’s having the best time.


Rossum also caught this enormous fish!

It looks like Rossum is having the best time in NZ, and we hope she’s getting all the relaxation she deserves on her vacation so she’s ready to take 2017 by the horns. We have a feeling she’s going to do (even more) great things this coming year.