Emmy Rossum Just Shared the First Photo of Her Baby Daughter for a Powerful Reason

Her little girl is so teeny tiny!

We just caught our first glimpse of Emmy Rossum‘s 2-month-old daughter, and she’s so cute! The Shameless actress is a pretty private person, especially on Instagram (she did keep her entire pregnancy a secret after all), so we didn’t think we’d get a picture of her baby girl so soon—yet, here we are smiling ear to ear over this adorable mother-daughter photo. Of course, being the political and social justice warrior she is, Rossum shared the photo to encourage people to get the COVID-19 vaccine after learning some very exciting health news about her own newborn, whom she was pregnant with when she got the vaccine.

On July 25th, the new mom took to Instagram to post the special anecdote and her baby’s first official Instagram picture. Rossum wrote, “When I was pregnant I got vaccinated. Not only did we have a healthy, beautiful baby girl but we also just learned our daughter now has antibodies.” She proceeded to give a call to action, asking fans of hers and the public to please be responsible and “get the vaccine.”

Followers of Rossum offered virtual high-fives in the comments, congratulating the mom on a healthy delivery and baby. One mom in particular was overjoyed to hear of Rossum’s daughter having the antibodies as she too had gotten the vaccine while pregnant with her own daughter! Another fan commented, “Protecting your baby bear before she even arrived.”

While Rossum’s post was mostly greeted with kind comments, a few fans weren’t happy to see Rossum pushing unvaccinated people to get the COVID shot. We, however, applaud the first-time mom for sharing her and her baby girl’s story and taking the necessary steps to ensure her daughter’s health and safety. And luckily for those who don’t agree, there’s an unfollow button for their convenience. 

Rossum and her husband, Sam Esmail, welcomed their first child together on May 24th of this year. 

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