“Gilmore Girls” and “13 Reasons Why” received ZERO Emmy nominations, and we’re actually devastated

Emmy nominations were announced today, and while we’re super pumped about a lot of them (hi, 22 noms for Westworld, 18 for Stranger Things, and 11 for This is Us),we are feeling very let down by the gaping absence of some of our all-time favorites.

One major Emmy snub? Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

We expect Emily Gilmore is delivering her signature withering stare right about now.

Kelly Bishop and Lauren Graham delivered beautifully heartbreaking performances as Emily and Lorelai. In A Year in the Life, their characters grappled with the passing of Gilmore patriarch Richard (the late Edward Herrmann), and nothing? No love from the Emmys?? This just feels wrong, if not entirely shocking — Gilmore Girls only received one Emmy nomination (turned win) for makeup in its original run.

Then, the Emmys neglected 13 Reasons Why.

It feels like something will be missing from the awards this year by not acknowledging the knockout performances by 13 Reasons Why‘s Katherine Langford and the whole host of new talent that populated that show (like, c’mon…not even a shoutout for Dylan Minnette?)

Liberty High students and Stars Hollow residents aside, we want to take a minute to acknowledge a few other unsung performers who didn’t get Emmys attention. Like, Mandy Moore for This Is Us (really??) and Seth Meyers for his brilliant skewering of all things political on Late Night with Seth Meyers. 

There are silver linings, though. Milo Ventimiglia got an Emmy nod for This Is Us, and Alexis Bledel is nominated for The Handmaid’s Tale, so can we maybe count on a Jess and Rory reunion?

We dare to dream.

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