Emma Watson’s asymmetrical white top looks impossible to pull off, but by gosh, she does it

In case you haven’t noticed, the real-life Belle (aka Emma Watson) has been CRUSHING IT with her style choices for the Beauty and the Beast press tour. She’s debuted stunning, completely eco-friendly looks almost daily on her new Insta account (aka The Press Tour), which is devoted to — you guessed it — the film’s press tour, and we can’t help but majorly geek out about one of her latest ensembles.

Watson has worn several painfully elegant gowns over the past few days (and no, we’re NOT being dramatic), but it’s actually one of her more low-key looks that we’re currently obsessing over. Specifically, a Carmen March sleeveless top and black trousers. If you’ve never heard of Carmen March, that’s totally cool. Watson even notes that it’s a smaller independent brand (also eco-friendly, of course).


Seriously guys, take a look at that asymmetrical top. It’s secretly the stuff of our nightmares because it looks so incredibly hard to pull of. But girl looks PERFECT. She looks just as at home in this structured high-fashion piece as we do in cotton underpants and a sweatshirt (aka, very at home).

Let’s get a closer look at her makeup.

A flush of pink and she’s essentially done. Ugh. Again, it hurts.

Now excuse us while we photoshop ourselves into this pic of Emma Watson and Dan Stevens laughing.

Just kidding! Unless you’re totally cool with that, in which case we can photoshop you in too (maybe).

Suffice it to say, we’re majorly impressed with how effortlessly Watson pulls off such a complicated cut. It almost makes us want to branch out from our underpants and sweatshirt. Almost.

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