Emma Watson’s rules for eating well include pizza, and we couldn’t agree more

Emma Watson is a busy woman. She is an advocate for gender equality, a successful actress, and has an awesome book club over on Twitter. To stay healthy while she’s juggling all her responsibilities, she has a few rules about healthy eating, and it seems like she’s all about balance — something we totally agree with! Here’s how Emma stays healthy, originally reported on Spoon U:

She avoids overly processed foods.


While she mostly eats what she wants, she tries to avoid overly processed foods. That means that she eats a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. She also eats a lot of lean meats and good, healthy fats.

She cooks her own food, whenever possible.


Apparently, Emma loves to cook. Cooking your own food can really help cut down on unnecessary fats and sugars in your meals, and it also puts you in touch with the ingredients you’re using.

She LOVES Mexican food.


She’s said in multiple interviews that Mexican food is her all-time favorite, even though they don’t necessarily do a great job with it in England. It’s always the first thing she gets when she comes to the United States, and we totally understand why.

She’s not afraid to treat herself.


She is not afraid to indulge, which is a super important self-care tactic. She’s basically a legend for sleeping through the 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party and then waking up and choosing pizza over partying. Do you, Emma, do you.

She loves gin and tonics.


Gin and tonics are refreshing and apparently, Emma’s fave drink. They’re also pretty low in calories, when it comes to alcohol, so they’re a pretty smart choice to make at the bar.

She’s a huge fan of Nutella (just like everyone else).


Emma Watson LOVES Nutella, just like the rest of the world. She has been known to eat it with fruit, or even just by itself — as someone who often eats the stuff on a spoon, I identify STRONGLY with this.

She obviously knows how to live a super balanced life, and this is a great thing. We’d love to have dinner or drinks with Emma sometime (or maybe pizza?).

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