Emma Watson’s closet is the stuff of Instagram dreams

Hermoine may not be known for her fashion choices, but Emma Watson is and for good reason. We just got a peek into Emma’s closet and it’s any slow-fashion lovers dream. The Beauty and the Beast star is an incredibly staunch activist for ethical and sustainable fashion. And unsurprisingly, this is reflected in her well-curated, Instagram dream of a closet. The Coveteur went inside Emma’s home for a sneak peek into the star’s wardrobe, and it is just as incredible as we hoped. false

Emma’s relationship with ethical dressing started while she was in school when she interviewed Dr. Alex Nicholls, Professor of Social Entrepreneurship of Saïd Business School at Oxford University, which lead her to working with fashion label People Tree. Emma collaborated with the brand on three collections, all fair-trade and organic.

The UN Women Global Goodwill Ambassador has since made an effort to wear clothing, on and of the red carpet, that carry the same ethical principles. And her latest endeavor is her Instagram called The Press Tour,  which offers a behind-the-scenes look at the tour for Beauty and the Beast, chronicling Emma’s outfits that are all ethical, sustainable, and fair trade in some shape or form.

From Emma’s collection of shoes to her arsenal of impeccably tailored jackets and trousers, and more unique pieces like a straw woven bag and vegan sneakers, her closet is clear proof this is a woman who walks the walk.

Emma also has some great advice for anyone looking to build a more sustainably- sourced wardrobe who may not know where to start. She tells The Coveteur

“It’s actually not just about even what you purchase; it’s about, ‘Whatever you buy, would you wear it thirty times?’ That makes anything ethical and sustainable. That’s really the issue that we have with fashion, that people are buying clothes and throwing them away after wearing them twice, filling land[fills], creating unsafe working conditions. Destroying the planet, essentially.

As far as some favorite designers and brands the actress wears? Footwear brand SUSI Studio, a vegan footwear brand based in Los Angeles, Article 22,  a jewelry company that makes handcrafted jewelry from war debris like bombs, and Coltrane, a Swiss knitwear brand that uses organic fabric and yarns.

We’re waiting with bated breath to see what Emma wears during the rest of her press tour.

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