Emma Watson just called herself out on that fake tattoo mistake in the most Hermione way

In a very un-Hermione move, Emma Watson wore a fake tattoo with (gasp) a grammatical error while attending the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party this year.  Thankfully, last night she responded to the viral mistake — and she isn’t taking the flak too seriously.

Watson was photographed on the red carpet in a black Ralph Lauren gown and on-point baby bangs. She also made a statement with her fresh “ink”: Large black letters that read “TIMES UP” on her forearm (in honor of the Time’s Up movement). However, the internet quickly noted she was missing an apostrophe in “time’s,” and fans began to fret that the tattoo was permanent.

Don’t worry, the feminist book club president hasn’t gone that far out of character. As suspected, the tattoo was a totally temporary nod to the Time’s Up movement, and the missing-apostrophe-indicating-possessive won’t haunt her for the rest of her days. (Those memes will live on forever, though.)

“Fake tattoo proofreading position available," Emma hilariously tweeted on Monday, March 5th. "Experience with apostrophes a must."

Her tweet has already amassed 92,000 likes and fans are throwing their resumes into the ring. false


Grammatical errors happen to the best of us, even those who hold degrees in English literature from Oxford University and who are just trying to show their support for women standing up against sexual assault in the workplace.

Emma, please consider this article our formal cover letter for the position. References are available upon request.

And if you can’t wait to see more Emma, don’t worry: She guest-edited the March issue of Vogue Australia and you can find her on many of its pages.

And we’re serious about wanting that proofreading position, lady. The Hermione in us will never die.

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