Emma Watson speaks her mind on people obsessed with her sexuality

Emma Watson is many things — an amazing  actress, Brown University graduate, UN Goodwill ambassador, outspoken feminist and champion for gender equality — but apparently there are a lot of people out there who seem to only focus on one aspect of her life. Her sexuality.

It seems that every time Watson gives any indication that she’s a grown adult woman, the world freaks out. Everyone has fallen so in love with Watson as Hermione in the Harry Potter films, that any hint of her as a sexual person becomes a REALLY BIG DEAL. She’s had enough of it, frankly.

When the trailer for her upcoming film Colonia was released, one news outlets focused on the split second of footage of Watson in bed with her co-star and released an article under the headline “Emma Watson indulges in passionate display with Daniel Brühl as they roll around on the bed.”

Um, what? We’re actually a little confused because that definitely wasn’t our takeaway from either of the movie trailers, which you can see here and here.

Emma Watson didn’t understand what all the fuss was about either. In an interview with The Times, she spoke about how frustrating it is that people are so obsessed with the movie’s love scenes. Watson said, “Yes, three and half seconds of nude pictures which were not particularly risqué. It’s deeply irritating…I’m 26 now. I’ve been in 15 films in total and me kissing somebody else shouldn’t be risqué or horrifying, but I think that will continue for a long time. There have been lots of advantages to being part of that franchise [Harry Potter], and playing that role for a long time, but inevitably there are obstacles and that’s one of them.”


We loved Watson as Hermione, but we also love her as a person. She’s a talented actress. A grown adult. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with women who are sexual. Actually *newsflash* that’s a totally normal thing. Not a big deal at all.

Of course Watson wants to explore other roles. Let’s let her do that, okay?

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