Emma Watson and Malala join forces to champion feminism. Color us inspired.

The ultimate meeting of the minds happened yesterday and we’re so thrilled to have witnessed it. At the Into Film Festival premiere of the biopic He Named Me Malala, Emma Watson hosted a live Q&A with the film’s star, Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai.

After being shot by the Taliban while getting off a school bus when she was just fifteen, Malala became a symbol for female education and freedom everywhere. Viewers got to relive the story at the screening, but not without witnessing the most iconic interview of all time, screened throughout 80 UK cinemas.

The two women sat down to talk about life, education, and their shared passion for feminism. As a UN Ambassador, Emma embodies many of the same core values as Malala, and together they had a beautifully poignant discussion, aided by questions submitted by UK students and teachers.

After the interview, Emma Watson posted the video to Facebook, along with a touching caption. Here’s the best part:

But wait, it gets better. Here’s what Malala had to say about feminism (and Emma Watson’s influence) in the interview:

Malala also reiterated what Watson promoted in her groundbreaking 2014 speech, saying men “have to step forward” and stand in solidarity with women in order for there to be equality. We couldn’t agree more—and we’re blown away by the fact that two of our heroes inspire the ideals of feminism in each other.

OK, we’ll stop gushing now, so you can watch the entire interview. Prepare to have your brain grow three sizes.

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