Emma Watson is officially the queen of pranks, as evidenced by her “interviewing” a nanny on “Ellen”

We love watching Ellen pull pranks. But when her pranking sidekick is Emma Watson, we’re downright obsessed. Seriously, this just made our Friday the best it could possibly be, because Emma Watson pulled a ridiculous nanny prank while on Ellen’s show.

And when we say nanny prank, we mean that Watson was interviewing people to be her own nanny.

Naturally, right? Because as Ellen points out, Watson doesn’t have any kids. There were hidden cameras in the room, and Watson delivered a truly winning performance. AKA she kept a reasonably straight face throughout her explanation that she was inspired to do this after watching Corinne on The Bachelor (who yes, is a grown woman with a nanny).


Damn, Watson Ellen knows what she wants in a nanny! “I’m very particular; I don’t like crusts on sandwiches, I don’t like milk, but I like Red Bull. You know what, I like to go potty alone, I don’t need you to help me potty. But I want us to be like family!” And the parts where Watson just stares…they’re just as funny as the comedic dialogue.

Ellen, you get us good EVERY TIME. And when you’re not being funny, you’re being real and challenging us to make meaningful choices that impact others in a positive way.

Now, back to Watson for a second. We cannot wait to see her light up the screen as Belle in Beauty and the Beast. Come on March 17th!

In the meantime, more pranks please.

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