Emma Watson gave New Yorkers advice from an iPad yesterday, because she’s the best

New York City commuters are very, very used to random strangers offering them advice — but usually, the random stranger in question is a bible-thumper or a street harasser and not, you know, Emma Watson.

But on Tuesday, February 14th, lucky Grand Central Station commuters were given the chance to receive personal advice from Hermione Granger herself for the hefty fee of $2, via a Peanuts-style setup that featured Watson giving said advice in the middle of a wooden “stand.”

Except this time around, the makeshift stand was held up by writer, editor, and Vanity Fair‘s “Man on the Street” Derek Blasberg, and the advice was streamed live from an iPad.

Several commuters uploaded photos and videos of these bizarre encounters, but unfortunately, none of them caught any nuggets of wisdom from Watson. (Gotta pay for that, yo!)


The boom mic seen in some of the photos clearly suggests that all of this was filmed, though no one has been able to figure out why, or when we’ll be able to see the footage. Our guess would be we’ll find out soon from Vanity Fair or Blasberg, and of course, we also assume that the money collected will go towards one of Watson’s — a famous humanitarian — many intersectional feminist causes.

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