Emma Watson is hiding more feminist books all over the world with help from her book fairies

Feminist goddess Emma Watson is back at it again. The actress and advocate is continuing her efforts to spread great feminist books by hiding them in all sorts of random public places. So it only seems appropriate that on International Women’s Day, she would do something even more epic.

Emma Watson, with help from her “book fairies,” is hiding tons of pro-female books all over the world.

Though she’s busy promoting Beauty and the Beast, her efforts to get more feminist books into people’s hands have not stopped. She first tweeted that her book fairies (which sounds totally magical) would begin hiding books at midnight.

It wasn’t long before the pictures from global book fairies began pouring in. And, from the looks of it, lucky people all over the world are in for a treat with some of these hidden books.

From London to California to Argentina to Dubai, these book fairies have stopped at nothing to bring these excellent words in front of the masses.

The “book fairies” aren’t just an adorable name Watson cleverly came up with. They’re an actual organization with a mission to get good books in the hands of more people. And according to the website, anyone can apply to become one.

Not surprisingly, people are enjoying every moment of the literary hide-and-seek game they’ve created.


If you haven’t been one of the lucky finders but still want in on the fun, there are some options.

The books the book fairies are hiding are well-known, easy-to-find books.

So if you want to celebrate International Women’s Day in your own way, here are a few of the hidden books that you can seek out yourself – either in a public place (if you’re lucky) or in a regular bookstore.



The modern classic graphic autobiography tells the story of growing up as a young woman in the a rapidly changing culture of Iran. And it has been a favorite of Watson for years.

2My Life on the Road

Feminist icon Gloria Steinem’s powerful book offers thoughts and a fresh perspective on what it means to be a modern feminist.

3The Color Purple


The incredible novel-turned-film-turned-musical by Alice Walker lives up to all the praise and awards it has earned throughout the years.

4Half the Sky: How To Change The World

This amazing collection of stories of women who remain resilient through difficult circumstances will inspire you to be a better person.

Of course, there are just a few of the books you may find from the book fairies. There are so many more that you can find and check out on your own. Happy reading!