Emma Watson gave us a closer look at how she’s been hiding books throughout New York City

She definitely shares a key characteristic with Belle from Beauty and the Beast — they both have a love of literature. But unlike Belle, Emma Watson has been hiding books throughout New York City. This isn’t a new pattern for Watson —in fact, it was reported that she did the same thing around London. Of course, people responded favorably. We mean, Emma Watson? Free books? How can this kind gesture be anything other than fantastic?

Watson thinks that leaving books in spontaneous places helps spread a little bit of love, and talked about it more with Vanity Fair.

Not only does she have a cover story with them, but they shot a video of her in action.


Watson doesn’t just leave any books — she leaves a few of her favorites. In the video, which was shot in November, you can see her leaving Maya Angelou’s Me & Mom & Me, which she noted was one of “her favorite books of all time.” So put that one on your reading list, ladies and gentleman, since we think Watson definitely knows what she’s talking about.

So, what do you do if you’re in the area and find a copy of Angelou’s book?

"Read it, please, and then bring it back and leave it for someone else to find," Watson said in the video. "Pass on the good deed, pass on the love."

We’re sure that Angelou would have been totally flattered by the gesture. If you happen to grab one of the many copies that Emma Watson circulated, consider it to be an incredible gift.

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