Emma Watson has been hiding books for you to find in the London subway

Everybody loves getting lost in a good story, and Emma Watson is an avid-reader who’s working tirelessly to ensure that random strangers receive books as they commute to work. Literally!

As in Watson is hiding books in the London Underground with hand written notes (that’s the subway to us)! It’s part of her feminist book club Our Shared Shelf, and the awesome community project Books on the Underground. Way to get people involved, girl!

So what books is she choosing, you ask? Empowering tales such as Mom & Me & Mom by Maya Angelou, of course. And yup, she leaves them on the Underground with impassioned messages inside that welcome the reader to this monthly book choice.

This is such a brilliant idea, reinforcing how generous Watson is — to do this and not expect anything in return.

If you’re wondering what other books Watson picked in previous months, there was the graphic novel Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl by Claire Brownstein, and this goodie:

Ummmmm. Hi Emma, can you come over to our shores and drop some books in the subway for us too?

Okay, we’re feeling sufficiently inspired to go read some essays and stories about equality. Gotta continue the good fight!

Thanks, Emma, for all that you do.

H/T: The Telegraph

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