Emma Watson’s a little embarrassed by these adorable ‘Harry Potter’ photos

Even Emma Watson gets embarrassed by old photos. And when you grow up starring in an iconic movie franchise, old pictures of you are bound to resurface. We’re talking about those classic Hermione stills from the early days of Harry Potter.  Here’s one iconic picture that, Watson admits, has been causing her some strife:

“When I see the images again from the first ‘Harry Potter’ I immediately think how bad my hair was,” she told Vogue for a recent (stunning) photo spread. 

I feel you, Emma. There’s not a single old picture of myself where I wouldn’t do something different with the locks on my head, but it’s surprising that Emma, who played a character who was supposed to have messy hair, experiences that feeling too.

Obviously, that’s not all she feels. She also talked to Vogue about what it was like to watch herself grow up on screen, saying it’s “always surprising for me, to see how long this period of time is, where I have come and from where I started. It is pleasant to follow that journey.”

It was pleasant for us, too, Emma. In fact, Emma’s journey has been as impressive as it is inspiring, and we’ll continue to love her forever. And for the record, we love her old-school Hermione hair too.

(Image via Warner Bros / Shutterstock.com)

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