Emma Watson would really like you to learn more about female orgasms and here’s how

Well, turns out there really isn’t anything Hermione Granger isn’t interested in learning about! Emma Watson has clearly been channeling a grown-up version of her tenacious, knowledge-seeking alter-ego by scientifically exploring the world of female sexual pleasure, and we highly approve.

In a recent conversation with feminist icon Gloria Steinem at a How To: Academy talk in London , Watson revealed that, thanks to a friend’s suggestion, she recently discovered and subscribed to a female pleasure oriented website called OMGYES.

“It’s a pretty cool website,” Watson affirmed. “I wish it had been around longer.”

According to the OMGYES site, the subscription program is based on an intensive study of female pleasure and a dispelling of the mystery surrounding orgasms. Based on an initial study involving more than 2000 women between 18-95 years of age, OMGYES discovered many commonalities in how women masturbate or receive pleasure from a partner, and looked for ways to describe or define these practices. The site uses videos and new terminology to describe specific techniques, and allows, um, “hands on” videos that test whether the techniques are being done correctly.

This is starting to sound like a gift we’d like to give every single woman we know (not to mention the sexual partners of women.) Studies show that for a variety of reasons, including taboos against female masturbation as dirty or morally wrong, women don’t start masturbating until later in life than men, do it less than men, and admit to it less often. Moreover, there’s the statistical reality of the “orgasm gap,” which shows that women in heterosexual partnerships have way, way fewer orgasms than their male partners. Any website that can change these crappy statistics gets a great big “huzzah.”

Aimed at improving female pleasure through education and exploration, the site seems a no-brainer for female power activist Watson. “It’s an expensive subscription,” Emma concludes. “But it’s worth it!”

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