Emma Watson’s new movie trailer is here and it’s intense

Emma Watson’s new film, Colonia, officially has a trailer and we are freaking out. The film is set in Chile during the 1973 military coup, and it looks unbelievably intense. Especially because it’s based on real events.

In the film, Watson plays Lena, a woman who embeds with a cult after her lover Daniel (Daniel Brühl) is abducted by the police. The cult, run by Paul Schäfer (Michael Nyqvist) is deeply misogynistic and abusive. As Katey Rich writes at Vanity Fair, the cult “preaches about how women are controlled by Satan, forcibly separates children from their parents, and brings women in to men-only prayer meetings for ritualistic verbal and physical abuse. And that’s just the stuff we see.”

And here’s the thing: All of this was real. Colonia Dignidad, a German cult, did exist. But while that’s terrifying, we’re pumped to see Emma Watson take on this awful cult and win.

Sadly, the film doesn’t have U.S. distribution yet, but it is premiering in Germany this January. We’ll be waiting with bated breath for a State-side release.


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