A little girl dressed as Belle crashed an interview with Emma Watson and OUR HEARTS

If you’re searching for the most adorable thing on the internet today, stop looking. We just found it. During the Beauty and the Beast premiere last night in Hollywood, a little girl dressed as Belle totally crashed an interview with Emma Watson, and we’re not sure if we’re smiling so hard we’re crying, or just crying because it’s so wonderful and happy.

Let’s start a new movement: Let all the little girls wearing princesses dresses do all the celebrity interviews from now on. More stuff like this, please.

Emma — who spoke so eloquently about her role as Belle in the new live-action movie, while also looking like ? — was chatting with Access Hollywood when she was rushed by a lil’ Belle. Don’t worry, this was all planned out, but the girl appears out of nowhere and takes Emma by surprise.

The little girl, Lyla, has a Beauty and the Beast book with her, proudly showing it to IRL Belle. The woman standing behind this tiny princess tells Emma, “[Lyla’s] favorite thing is to read, she loves you.”

The best part of this might be that the little girl is like, so Belle-shocked she can’t say much of anything. You know how kids get when exciting stuff happens around them. All Lyla can do is beam and hold her book tight — and seriously hold onto that book forever, it’s got Emma’s autograph on it!

As for us, we’re content with this charming video, and we’re going to watch on repeat for the rest of the day.

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