Emma Watson is bringing attention to the lack of women in leadership — and it’s so important

Emma Watson has been on FIRE lately, and now she’s dropping some truth bombs when it comes to women in leadership and their education. You might remember that back in 2014, Emma helped kick off the start of the HeForShe campaign, run by UN Women, by giving a moving speech about gender equality as the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador. Now, she’s taken to Twitter to continue the conversation.

First, she quotes Dennis Nally:

Whoa, those are pretty sobering statistics. What happens to all those women after they graduate college? Why are they disappearing into their fields? These are the questions Emma wants us to ask ourselves when we’re faced with these stark statistics.Turns out, women are lucky just to get this education. Emma explains:

While the US views education as the norm, other countries don’t see basic learning for women as a priority, so we have to make sure we include these women in the conversation. With these tweets, Emma makes sure to address women all over the world, especially those who don’t have Emma’s platform for spreading the truth. Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, executive director of UN Women, addressed some of these concerns as well, providing a clear path forward for helping women everywhere:


Women have a right to their education, and organizations like HeForShe are working to make that possible by opening up the conversation and emphasizing how this is an issue that everyone should fight for, regardless of what gender they identify with. To learn more, go to HeForShe’s website, and let’s fight for women everywhere — together!

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