This live-action “Beauty and the Beast” casting news about Mrs. Potts is the best

This live-action Beauty and the Beast casting news is positively spoiling us. Hollywood and Disney, you really are too kind. First you heard the cries of a hundred million fan girls and cast Emma Watson as your Belle.  Then the rumor mill started buzzing hard that Ryan Gosling had been offered the role of Beast (Ryan Gosling, do every girl in the universe a ginormous favor and PLEASE SAY YES).

Now, BroadwayWorld reports that Emma Thompson is in talks to play Mrs. Potts.

Okay, I just need a quick minute to profess my eternal love for the global treasure that is multiple Academy Award-winner Emma Thompson . She wrote and starred in my favorite Jane Austen adaptation to date Sense and Sensibility (okay, whatever, favorite tied with BBC Pride and Prejudice and Clueless), is our beloved Professor Trelawney of the Harry Potter series, and is the secret sauce that elevated Love Actually into the full-blown holiday classic it is. And don’t even get me started on how much I love her in Remains of the Day, I might actually NEVER shut up.

Thompson is a PERFECT Mrs. Potts, she’s got all the humor and heart needed to bring this beloved character back to life. We’re getting way too excited about all this casting news, we don’t even KNOW what we’re going to do when they announce Lumière and Cogsworth. Faint from happiness, probably. And when they announce Gaston? Probably lose the ability to speak for a solid week.

Fingers crossed we get more Beauty and the Beast casting news (we’ll even settle for rumors) in the near future, it’s the best gossip Hollywood’s got going these days.