Queen Emma Thompson has some amazing things to say about feminism

There is no one in the world we should need more reasons to love than Emma Thompson, but she sure keeps them coming. Yesterday, the incredible Thompson sat down with Vulture and dropped something like a million truth bombs — and we’re in love with what she had to say.

Thompson has been around the Hollywood block for quite some time now. After starring in a few different comedy programs straight out of university, Thompson’s name became recognizable for her work on multiple BBC television series. Soon after, Thompson won the BAFTA TV Award for Best Actress, and her career hasn’t slowed down since. With some of the best movies in history under her belt — a few of which she has written — it is clear that Thompson has enough insight to speak to feminism in the business.

Ageism has been a popular topic of conversation lately, at least ever since Amy Schumer’s skit (you know the one) went viral. Older men dating younger women is not a new phenomenon, both in real life and in the movies, but it is something that should be discussed more and more and more until directors and producers realize how ridiculous it is. Regarding the age differences in film, Thompson told Vulture that it is “insane,” though it has realistically always been a thing.

Though Thompson will be playing the wife of Robert Redford in an upcoming film (a 23-year age difference between them), she has acknowledged the issue and vows to not stop challenging ageism in her field of work.

Beyond the ridiculous issues of ageism in Hollywood, Thompson also expressed her thoughts toward women who do not considered themselves feminists.

I personally think it is okay to acknowledge that some of these younger women who hesitate to identify as feminists may not be aware of exactly what feminism means. But it is always frustrating to hear a woman (or a man, really) turn their back on the word. Thompson herself claims she has been a “card-carrying, radical feminist” since she was 19-years-old, and I don’t think there is any doubt in any of our minds that that is the truth.

Thompson continued on, citing that women should watch what they say — herself included — about themselves. I am almost positive every woman has expressed distaste for a part of their body at some point in their lives (or their day, let’s be real), but Thompson makes a very real point that saying such negative things about ourselves is a form of misogyny. That’s enough to get me to stop beating myself up about an extra five pounds. Anything Emma Thompson disapproves of is something I would like to avoid.

Thompson spoke on a variety of other topics including becoming Mrs. Potts, writing screenplays, and award season. The interview is well worth a read; and you will come out stronger and wiser for having read it, because Emma Thompson is a goddess among men (and women).

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