Emma Stone’s stylist just told us how to get hair color that’s 100

Emma Stone has long given us all the hair coloring goals. A natural blonde, Stone wears her signature red like it’s the stuff nature gave her. So, if we’re looking to get into the color game, we want to take a page from Stone’s hair book, and pick the exact right shade that will make ALL the heads turn and ALL the compliments come our way.

As it turns out, it was Judd Apatow who made Stone the redhead she is today.

“I was a brunette during casting [for Superbad],” Stone told the East Valley Tribune in 2008. “Then Judd walked in, said ‘Make it red,’ and walked out. So he made me this way.”

Judd being a director and not a stylist, didn’t give Stone more to work off of than that infuriatingly vague “Make it red.” But what KIND of red? Strawberry-blonde, ginger, copper, auburn? To get the exact right shade, Stone has long depended on her her colorist Tracey Cunningham,who is also responsible for the pretty, pretty, pretty hair of Charlize Theron, Gwyneth Paltrow, Drew Barrymore, and Jennifer Lopez.

So what advice does Cunningham have for us non-movie stars who still want our hair color to be worthy of red carpets and paparazzi snaps?

When asked “What makes the perfect color?” by E! Style Collective, Cunningham explained “Usually not going too far from yourself,” though she immediately countered with “Well, that’s not true, because with Emma Stone she’s a natural blonde and we turned her into a redhead. BUT she comes from a family of redheads. So every once in a while there is that exception.”

Duly noted, either stay close to your own shade, or glance around your family tree and maybe take some inspo from your blood relatives.

When asked about upcoming color trends, Cunningham told E! “Well, a lot of people say to me ‘Um, I don’t want ombre. Um, I want my hair to have highlights, I don’t want to see stripes on the top, and I like it a little blonder on the bottom.’ So I’m going to give you your ombre, but we’re going to call it something else. ”

So we’re stealing our sisters’ hair color and calling our ombres something else, we are stars, we are stars!

Check out the E! interview with Cunningham below.

(Image via Denis Makarenko / Shutterstock.com)

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