Emma Stone’s quirky blouse looks like the coolest science experiment

Grab your goggles, girls. We have experimentin’ to do! Emma Stone arrived to a La La Land reception last night wearing something that we need to inspect under a microscope. Stone’s shirt looks like the science experiment we were so hyped up about in high school chem class.

The powder blue button down is from the Giorgio Armani Autumn/Winter 2016 collection. The pattern is in fact, sequined floral. But we kind of like it better as rainbow amoebas. Stone paired the top with a black pair of Armani trousers and black ankle strap pumps.

Stone is once again rocking “business attire-chic” and absolutely killing it.


After dissecting the entire Armani Fall/Winter collection, we found that this artsy floral/amoeba pattern morephed and changed into different articles. Giorgio himself may be a mad genius. Just look at this silk voile pleated maxi dress.

It’s something Ms. Frizzle would wear to accept some highfalutin science award. And for those who always wanted to be Ms. Frizzle — like us — we’re hoping to hit the lotto so we can buy this beauty.


And this suit is perfect for any female scientist looking to become the next Bill Nye.


What can we say? The Science Guy has style!

What’s that? You need a place to keep your eye-droppers and mini Erlenmeyer flasks? How about this super cute clutch purse that can also be carried as a cross-body bag?


This pattern reminds us of Martha Stewart’s Sharpie tie-dye DIY, which might be a fun experiment to do while you’re saving your money for the real thing. Some day we’ll all be rich enough to deck ourselves out in this entire Armani collection. Until then, let’s keep our nose to the lab table and keep experimenting with more affordable fashion.

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