Emma Stone’s latest dress almost looks like a black and white drawing and it’s so cool!

Emma Stone is seriously amazing. Not only is she a powerhouse entertainer, she’s hysterical and down to earth offscreen. Plus, she’s also a total fashion icon since her style choices are always on point. And her latest dress is yet another example of how much we admire her!



Her dress looks like a black and white drawing, doesn’t it?

The dress is a perfect blend of classic and modern. The shape is flattering and the ruffles are romantic. It looks like a modern work of art.

Even the side detailing on this dress is as beautiful and exquisite as Emma herself.


The latest news about Emma is that her upcoming film, La La Land, is getting Oscar buzz. Getting an Oscar would honestly be par for the course since she has been churning out hits left and right — and her costars seem to always want to work with her again and again (though that is not at all surprising).

It’s almost like they’re ~drawn~ to her amazing energy.


Hopefully stylists everywhere are taking note so we can see more of these dresses (and even snag one for ourselves) very soon!

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