Emma Stone talked about sweating all over Ryan Gosling, and, lol

Don’t you just love hearing stories from actors about when things get a little heated on set? Oh no — we’re not talking about sexy scenes. We mean scenes that actually cause them to start sweating profusely.

Of course, we’re talking about Emma Stone getting sweaty with Ryan Gosling in their latest movie La La Land, which is a romantic musical from the director of Whiplash.

Stone opened up about the ballroom dancing sequences during a recent chat with Ellen, and revealed that she has such a great rapport with Gosling after doing three films together that she felt comfortable learning to dance with him. And the fact that she started sweating profusely after “about a minute”? Yeah, NBD.

"To learn how to ballroom dance with someone who you don't know must be...terrifying. With him, I was just sweating all over him, and I felt fine about it."

She admitted that Gosling doesn’t sweat nearly as much as she does, but also that it really didn’t bother her. In fact, she says she was basically like, “sorry not sorry.” YOU GO GIRL!

And most importantly — it’s actually great to hear that Emma Stone sweats. Because sometimes it’s easy to feel like actors exist on these superhuman pedestals, when in reality, they’re just regular people who deal with all the same stuff we do!

Like natural, everyday perspiration. Thanks for opening up about this incredibly relatable issue, Emma! Because it’s nothing to sweat. (Ha — see what we did there? Sorry).

H/T: Perez Hilton

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