This just in: Emma Stone is really into wearing stars on her shirts

We already have a serious girl crush on Emma Stone, mostly because she’s BASICALLY perfect, and a huge part of that is her impeccable fashion sense. She’s constantly wearing the cutest, quirkiest outfits and her hair is a new amazing color every time we look — such #StyleGoals.

At the Telluride Film Festival this year, she wore not one but TWO amazing star sweaters and we need them stat.


If Emma Stone is set to be a space cadet, then please sign us up! (And can we make this sweater our astronautical uniform?)


We need to know where Emma Stone shops so we can also be the starry space hipsters we’re meant to be.


Above: She followed up her first killer shirt with a similar, but definitely different, sweater the next day.

We think we might love this one even more. Just look at those dainty stars!


In a world where celebrities get slammed for wearing the same outfit to different events, even if they’re months apart, we have to applaud Emma’s dedication to representing the nighttime sky. Stick it to the man, Stone, and wear what you love.

Safe to say, Emma Stone is one of our favorites *stars*.

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