Emma Stone revealed the most bizarre story about the SNL 40th Anniversary Party, and of course it involved Prince

It’s been some time, but we’re still hearing crazy tales about the legendary after-party that took place following the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special. This time, Emma Stone shared her party story, which involved Prince. As she’ll be hosting SNL for the third time this Saturday, she’s definitely a bit nostalgic over the SNL-based memories she’s already formed.

And, what better person to talk about SNL with than Jimmy Fallon?

Fallon and Stone were definitely in agreement over one aspect of the night. “It got insane.”

So insane, that blood was involved. It seems like at some point during the party, Stone stepped in glass, and didn’t really know how to proceed from there.


Not only did someone have to knife the glass out of her foot, but she found herself on stage with Prince and a tambourine (and no Band-Aids) just a minute or so later.

"It was a crazy day," Stone admitted.

(Really, we can’t blame her. If we had the opportunity to join Prince on stage, we’d also ignore any kind of injury. We’re just glad that she didn’t have a gnarly infection to remember the night by!)

Stone last hosted SNL in 2011, even though she did make a brief appearance in 2014 when then-boyfriend Andrew Garfield took the stage.


This Saturday, she’ll be bringing the funny with musical guest Shawn Mendes. Judging by her last appearances, we know this’ll be an incredible show.

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