Emma Stone makes a perfect “Sexy Poster Girl” in this SNL sketch

Emma Stone took on her third Saturday Night Live hosting gig last night, and it was everything we hoped for. One of the standout moments? Emma Stone’s “sexy poster girl” SNL sketch featuring Pete Davidson as a student who falls asleep on his tricky algebra homework. (We also really loved the Valentino dress she wore during her opening monologue.)

Not that it’s any real surprise — if there’s one thing we learned from Stone’s appearance on Lena Dunham’s podcast, it’s that everything she touches turns to comedic gold.

In her role as Sexy Poster Girl, Stone tried to use hot dogs as a teaching tool to help her sleeping “student” with his math troubles. Needless to say, this wasn’t the most effective approach to algebra. Still, Stone’s sexy poster girl parody was as cleverly performed as we’ve come to expect from the canny comedienne.

Other highlights of last night’s episode include Stone’s High School Theatre Show sketch, and a song about holiday gifting. (Which reminds us: only 20 shopping days left. Time to hit up a budget-friendly gift guide…)

And yes, that was really her singing — just one of the many things we love about Emma Stone. It’s been a while since Stone last appeared on SNL, but she’s already got a treasure trove of great memories from the show. Considering her chemistry with the regular cast, we kind of wish she’d join them every week. After all, it’s not so far from her original ambition

But if we can’t see her every Saturday, we’ll settle for checking out her upcoming movie, La La Land. In case you forgot, this one sees Stone reuniting with Crazy, Stupid, Love and Gangster Squad co-star (and our imaginary boyfriend for life) Ryan Gosling. Judging by the trailer, their chemistry is as strong as ever. We can’t wait!

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