Here’s the exact moment Emma Stone realized “La La Land” *didn’t* win Best Picture

By now you’ve heard the stories about the Best Picture snafu at the 2017 Academy Awards. Presenter Warren Beatty was handed the wrong envelope, which meant that the wrong film was handed the coveted Oscar statuette. The moment was quickly rectified — as the La La Land team made way for Moonlight — but it still led to a lot of awkward and uncomfortable moments on the stage as everything unfolded.

While the focus of this mixup is front and center with Warren (and the La La Land producers), if you happen to look at what’s happening in the background you can see the exact moment that Emma Stone realizes that her movie did not claim the top spot.

Emma, who had just been handed her own Oscar for Best Actress moments before, took to the stage with the rest of the crew and production team from La La Land. Clutching her Oscar, she stands behind the producers, as they start to make their way up to the mic to give their thanks. You see her watch a stagehand with a headset run back and forth across the stage, trying to rectify this mixup.

As the mixup is explained, you can clearly see Emma mouth, “oh my god.”


After Emma’s OMG, it’s clear that La La Land did not win, and everyone on the stage slowly begins to make their way to over to let Moonlight into the spotlight. But just imagine being Emma (let alone everyone else!!) and suddenly having a handful of Oscars being taken away from you. Whispering “omg,” is a complete understatement.

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