Emma Stone is heading to TV in what might be a “Superbad” reunion

Coming soon to your television: a Superbad reunion we didn’t know we needed, but suddenly desperately want so bad.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the one and only Emma Stone and the very-funny (and Oscar nominated) Jonah Hill are making the big leap from movies, to television. They’ve both just signed on to star in a new show, Manic, and doesn’t sound like any ordinary show. It’s being adapted from a Norwegian show of the same name that “revolves around Espen, a mental patient at the psychiatric ward who escapes reality and lives in a fantasy world in his mind.”

It’s not clear whether Stone or Hill will be playing the lead character. Could be either, thanks to the amazing push to gender-swap lead roles in Hollywood!

Another reason to start getting psyched for this is that director Cary Fukunaga, of True Detective fame, is going to produce. He’s also going to direct every episode of the series, which is looking to snag a straight-to-series order, and maybe two seasons right from the get go. Knowing that, it sounds like Manic is trying to land on a cable network (looking at you, HBO) or even streaming (hey, Netflix).

All these finer details are being worked out now, so stay tuned. Whoever thought we’d find these two fabulous actors teaming up once again?


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