Emma Stone in a musical? Yes, please!

Emma Stone is a comedic genius and overall goddess of laughter and happiness. She brightens up any room she’s in or screen she’s on. We’re not afraid to admit that we fangirl hard for Emma. That’s why we’re so beyond excited by the news that Emma might be starring in an upcoming movie called La La Land. But this isn’t even normal we’re-excited-for-an-Emma-Stone movie level stuff. La La Land is a musical, meaning we’d get all of the Emma we already know and love plus singing. What could be better? Answer: Not much.

Now, we know Emma can sing (she recently did a stint on Broadway as the lead in Cabaret) and we know she has the stage presence and passion for her performance to rock a musical because, um, have you seen her Jimmy Fallon lip sync battle?

But (believe it or not) it gets even better: The role in La La Land was originally offered to another famous Emma — Watson, who had to decline because she’s busy making all of your childhood dreams come true by playing Belle in the live-action Beauty and the Beast remake, meaning it’s gotten the attention of not just one talented human that we love, but two. It’s not wonder, either, since the movie seems like a great mix of drama, romance and feel-worthy musical numbers. The female lead (that’s Emma, hopefully), Mia, falls for a guy named Sebastian while they’re both following their dreams in Los Angeles. Of course, sometimes it’s hard to have it all (love, a thriving career in LA, etc.) and thus enters lots and lots of drama. 

Oh, and make sure you’re sitting down for this next part. Are you sitting? Good. Ryan Gosling is rumored to be in talks to play Emma’s love interest, Sebastian, in the movie. Yes. We’re looking at a potential onscreen reunion of Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, but this time with singing.

Yes, please — to literally all of this.

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