Emma Stone is in talks to play this iconic, spotty role

Despite her many upcoming movies, including La La Land and Battle of the Sexes, Emma Stone might have another role up her sleeve. The Hollywood Reporter writes that the Aloha star is currently in talks to play Cruella de Vil in Cruella, a supposed prequel to the classic 101 Dalmations movies we’ve come to love.

Written by 50 Shades of Grey‘s Kelly Marcel, Cruella intends to give some back story to the evil villain, this “spider waiting for the kill,” if her theme song is to be believed. The character’s M.O is to steal dalmatians’ fur because she loves their spots, which is problematic when her old “friend” suddenly acquires a large number of dalmatian puppies. The role is creepy and extreme, and was brought to life in 1996 by Glenn Close in the live-action version produced by John Hughes.

If Stone does indeed accept the role, we know she’d do a killer job portraying the villain’s eccentricities, as well as maybe giving some heart to this previously hated antagonist.

(Image via Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com)

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