Emma Stone and her giant sleeves just started a new trend

Whether you know it or not, you’re probably utilizing “hero pieces” in your day-to-day outfits. Are you wearing a pair of leather pants or a bright blue bag? Maybe your sweater is the center of attention, or your shoes are lust-worthy. A hero piece is one part of your outfit that completely pulls the look together. And while it’s usually a specific thing, we’d argue this can be a simple detail too.

Emma Stone’s giant ruffled sleeves aren’t only our new favorite trend, they’re also our new favorite way to wear a hero piece. The off-the-shoulder silhouette and volume of the sleeves pack a sartorial punch we could stare at forever.


This Louis Vuitton dress is a lot to take in. With its spaghetti straps, silver floral embroidery, full length, and ruffled sleeves connected by a chain, this dress isn’t simple by any means. But since the ruffles on the sleeves are the most drastic feature, there is an air of simplicity (but with a little more soul).

And who else but the brand’s newest ambassador, Emma Stone, would be able to pull off this look?


While you could pair a look like this with even more silver, like a leather jacket or booties, you can also keep it super ethereal like Emma. With her platinum hair pulled back, Emma made her effervescent makeup the center of attention. Arched brows, pink cheeks, dewy, highlighted skin, and rosy lips made her beauty look angelic. And by keeping this outfit’s sleeves as the hero piece, it looks like Emma earned her fashion wings.

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